What Free Credit Report Can Teach Us?

Posted by Doug Davidoff

Dec 1, 2008 8:32:56 AM

I was listening to the radio while redesigning our sales training programs, and heard the commercial for  This was not the first time I'd heard it - and I'm sure you're familiar with it.  I've seen it on TV, heard it on the radio, and it's even been played at a piano bar I go to from time to time.

What was interesting this time is that as it came on, I turned up the volume.  While, I don't have knowledge of the business impact of this ad program, I couldn't help but notice how effective this is as an ad.  I speak regularly on positioning and messaging and this ad does it all in 30 seconds.  Specifically:

  • It's simple

  • It tells a story, making it easy to remember

  • It provides a clear contrast

  • It makes a clear promise

And, it's fun.  Next time your communicating, compare yourself to

Topics: B2B Sales Strategy