What Are You Doing?

Posted by Doug Davidoff

Apr 5, 2009 4:23:24 PM

One of my clients is doing some pretty great things in transforming HR from a cost related issues into a key strategic driver of results for SMEs.  Karen Usher, TPO's founder and Chairman, is writing an article for publication on the what's and how's that forward thinking SMEs are taking to become stronger in response to the economic shift we are experiencing.

In Karen's words:

I believe that there's a positive, but under-reported story about a critical component of our immediate business community.  Smaller and middle market companies - a huge component of the DC area market - have traditionally been characterized by more energy, more creativity and more resilience, and they've always instinctively known how to capitalize on that to build and grow.  Because of that mindset and experience, I believe that this market, in general,  has been much more sure footed responding to recent economic pressures and that a good number of the companies in this sector are now actively positioning themselves to grow in our new economic environment.

So, I'm seeking to have a nuts and bolts conversation with a cross section of CEO's that will help me understand further what some of these small and mid-sized companies have done to respond to the changing economic landscape and how they are leading their companies into the "new" future.  I believe that hidden in those conversations is a pattern of responses, actions and leadership that collectively can serve as a model for all of us as we walk our way forward in these challenging times!

If you're interested in sharing your ideas (and possibly getting featured), email Karen:  kusher (@), or call her:  703.533.1533.

Topics: B2B Sales Strategy