We All Need A Coach

Posted by Doug Davidoff

Jan 19, 2011 3:08:00 AM

I’ve always been fascinated by a key paradox of performance.  That is that top performers are always the ones that know that they need help to achieve, and average and poor performers believe that they’ve got it figured out and don’t need help.

I see it everyday in the coaching we provide to salespeople and executives.  The top salespeople are excited and engaged in the coaching process from the very beginning.  Their attitude is, “Bring It On!”  They’re open to being challenged and they soak knowledge up like a sponge.

The average salespeople are the ones who say (sometimes out loud, sometimes with their actions), “Only junior people need coaching.  I’m a senior salesperson – I don’t need this!”

I’ve always been a fan of coaching.  I’ve had a coach of one form or other (and at times, I’ve had more than one) since I was 18.  I’d probably still be working for someone, making ¼ of what I’m making now if it weren’t for my coaches.

I just came across the best explanation for why we all, at least those who want to be top performers and rewarded, need coaching.  My friend Brad Farris tweeted a quote from Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google:

Think about it.  Here’s a guy worth more than $5 billion, who’s accomplished more than most can hope for.  He’s an acknowledged expert and phenomenal businessperson, and he still finds coaching indispensable.

Go figure.


Topics: Inbound Marketing, B2B Sales Strategy