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Unlocking Your Potential for Effortless Sales Growth

by Doug Davidoff | Oct 8, 2012 3:26:00 PM

What if you woke up one day and found that everything you thought was true wasn’t? What if you learned that every day, the actions you were taking to grow your revenue, increase your profitability and build the equity value of your business were actually holding you back and making business growth more difficult?

Well, that’s what happened to me 18 years ago. As a top-producing salesperson and a leader of a growing business, I realized that the vast majority of what I was being taught and what I believed about the sales and marketing process was actually:

    • Lengthening my sales cycle
    • Eliminating my competitive advantage
    • Commoditizing me and my company
    • Restricting the price I could charge
    • Lowering my closing ratio
    • And simply making life more difficult, more complex and less rewarding

I was on The Sales and Marketing Treadmill™, working harder and harder, while running faster and faster just to keep up. I’m happy to tell you that since my discovery, business growth has become far more simple, manageable and predictable.

Unfortunately, I’ve also discovered that there are still very few businesses, executives and entrepreneurs who get this. What’s worse, it’s costing those who don't understand hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars – and they don’t even realize that it’s happening. The upside is that those few forward-leaning companies that have made the same discovery that I have enjoy faster growth. They've virtually bypassed competition and price as a key issue, and are enjoying greater profitability and business values - even during the deep recession from which we are just now emerging.

I spent the summer putting together a new report, with my latest research, observations and insights to provide the path to simply, predictably and even enjoyably growing sales – in even the toughest market environments.

Now these observations are available for you, in Achieving Effortless Growth: Uncovering The Fatal Flaws of Sales & Marketing That Are Killing Small & Mid-Market Businesses Plus The Seven Steps to Effortless Growth.

I hope you’ll download and read the paper. But don’t stop there. Share your thoughts and comments. There’s nothing I’d love more than to stimulate a conversation that can help us all grow.