What Inbound17 Means for the Future of Sales and Marketing

Posted by Doug Davidoff

Oct 9, 2017 10:00:00 AM


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What a week! I think I'm still recovering from, yet another, magnificent Inbound festival (I have got to call it something more than a conference). A week filled with catching up with old friends, making new ones, learning from peers and seeing and hearing what the future will bring was as exciting as always.

This year's conference had a different feel to it. Once again there were no significant product announcements. (While HubSpot did announce their new Customer Success Hub, it is not released yet, and I have not seen it.)

However, unlike last year (where the focus was on important, internal product improvements) this conference had much more of a meta-trend feel to it. You had to pay attention to notice the key takeaways, but they were there, and their impact will most likely be big.

The following are my three key takeaways, and why I think they’re important and meaningful for any growth-focused executive:

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3 Things B2B Marketers Can Learn from Pokemon Go

Posted by Stacy Bouchard

Jul 14, 2016 4:00:00 PM

squirtle.pngSo on Sunday, my son asked me to take him to a park that he hasn’t been to since he went there on a kindergarten field trip nine years ago. It’s a nice park but I wasn’t sure why my 15-year-old decided, out of the blue, that he needed to go to this park which is about 20 miles from our house.

I asked some questions about who was going to be there and what they were planning to do. He told me some of his friends were going to hang out there. I was still puzzled…the park has playground equipment for little kids…nothing really for teenagers to do. Unless, of course, you’re hunting for Pokemon.

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