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Episode 18: The Evolving MarTech Landscape

by Doug Davidoff | May 24, 2018 11:00:00 AM

In this episode of The Black Line Podcast, Mike and Doug discuss the evolving landscape of MarTech.





Show Notes

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Doug and Mike talk about the growing advances in some of the major tech platforms they currently use. They say that a problem with the changes in technology is mapping those to the end user. As Mike, an owner of a tech company himself, says, THOUSANDS of vendors are out there, tons of money is being poured into technology and there are short timelines to expand audience base, which may not be sustainable. 

Doug asks, "What happens when 20% of my tech stack goes out of business?" Companies are spending so much to manage technology but today, you must be focused on the user.

Before you buy the next piece of tech - ask yourself: What is the problem I have that I'm unable to solve with what I have in place right now? You don't buy technology, you hire it for jobs to be done. 

We also discuss Scott Brinker's MarTech 2018 SuperGraphic. You can find it here.