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The Black Line Between Sales & Marketing

The Black Line Between Sales & Marketing - think of it as sports radio for salespeople, marketers, and demand generators.

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Sales Cycle

Episode 49: How The Buyer Has Changed

Has the buyer actually changed? Or for that matter has their journey really changed? In this last episode before the holiday break, Mike and Doug discuss the perceived notion around how businesses react to the new year and potential change it brings. 

Episode 47: Want Faster Sales Traction: Narrow The Focus & Expand The Yield

How do I grow and get more people to know about us? How do I grow successfully? Mike and Doug dive...

Episode 43: Interview with Kevin Dunn - Force, Friction & the Flywheel

Is the flywheel a good metaphor for the business funnel? What even is a flywheel? Guest Kevin Dunn...

Episode 42: Interview with Lou Orfanos - The Future of Selling is Frictionless

What is frictionless selling and is it a bad thing? This week on The Black Line Podcast, guest Lou...