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The Black Line Between Sales & Marketing

The Black Line Between Sales & Marketing - think of it as sports radio for salespeople, marketers, and demand generators.

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Episode 51: Interview with Kyle Jepson - Navigating Sales Organization Transformation

How do you always manage to take a boring topic and turn it into something interesting? Ignorance. Be ignorant and curious. Talk about stuff that you don't know about or stuff that you find fun. On this episode, we welcome the man, the myth, the legend, Kyle Jepson to the show. He talks to us the changing nature of sales and how to teach salespeople and sales leaders, sales.

Episode 44: The Future is 1:1 Video - Interview with George B Thomas

What is 1:1 video, how do we personalize it, and what are the keys to doing it right? Guest George...

Episode 37: A Real-Life Coaching Session On Increasing Sales Qualified Leads

Previously Mike had shown Doug that his traffic was up, yet no true quality leads were increasing...

Episode 36: Content Strategy:  Owning vs. Renting Attention

Emails today get a bad reputation. Why? Well, because we abuse the channel. In this episode, Mike...