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Episode 2: Is Email is Dead?

by Doug Davidoff | Oct 31, 2017 7:00:00 PM

In Episode 2, Mike and Doug address the keys to building an effective email strategy for sales and marketing.




Show Notes

Mike Donnelly and Doug Davidoff kick off our second podcast of The Black Line Between Sales & Marketing, discussing the debate on email and addressing the question, "Is email really dead?" Coming from the email guru and CEO of Seventh Sense himself, we'll discuss the right way to use email in your lead generation efforts and discuss:

  • Relevancy and personalization
  • Types of email and the growing number of message barriers
    • Graymail (email you opted in to receive, but don't really want. HubSpot does a great job explaining here.)
  • Tips for managing your email inbox
  • Unique challenges and how to resolve them
Doug also reviews some eye-opening email statistics. Be sure to check out the complete list here.