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Episode 5: Manipulation vs Connection - Communication in Marketing & Sales

by Doug Davidoff | Dec 14, 2017 4:30:00 PM

In Episode 5, we chat with Teresa Easler about human communication and creating value for prospects and clients.




Show Notes

We'd love to introduce Teresa Easler as our guest for this podcast. She is the Owner and CEO of Connect to the Core. Teresa and Doug chatted this year at INBOUND - HubSpot's annual conference - and Teresa mentioned that almost all conversations and sessions were about "doing" and were focused on data. She said, what was missing was the "being". Teresa's observation about communication is that human being to human being = connection. People are focused on more and more transactions instead of customer loyalty. Mike's point is to be authentic and be yourself. He says, "We're so focused on automation, but we're all human beings. We need to stop saying "contacts" and "audience" and call them what they are...people."

This podcast will teach you about manipulation versus connection. Listen as Doug, Mike and Teresa talk about creating value for your clients.