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Episode 39: Addressing A Major Flaw With Today's Metrics: Micrometrics

by Doug Davidoff | Jul 30, 2019 9:09:08 AM

The metrics we use suck, and measuring emails individually isn't what we should be focusing on. In this episode, Doug and Mike discuss measuring the metrics that matter, how you should be looking at email analytics, and how to keep score of your work. 




Show Notes

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We are all score based creatures. We all care about metrics and analytics, but we undercut ourselves. There's a lot of micro-measurements that we focus on. Why? Well, because it's easy! Today we measure everything like it is under a microscope. Instead of looking at the whole picture, in this case a website, we pick all the individual pages out to look through. That's why when it comes to email, people obsess over the open and click rates when those metrics don't really matter. We have to start looking at the bigger picture to really determine how we are doing. 

We also need to change our thinking. By looking at all the individual pages or emails, we are seeing the world through the lens of that specific page or email. We should be looking through the lens of the person we are trying to communicate with. If we start to think more holistically and change our mindset, we'll be able to find the right measurements and get more quality information out of our analytics.