The Most Important Question You Can Answer - Now

Posted by Doug Davidoff

Jan 5, 2009 5:13:43 PM

Stop what you're doing and answer this question:

It's April 1st, 2009, and you're reviewing the first quarter of the year. Precisely, how will you measure success? What will it take to give yourself an 'A'?

Are you done with the list?

Now, choose the single most important item - if you could only achieve one item on your list, what would it be?

Why is answering this question so important?  Because, we all have a tendency to try to do too much and to lose focus.  The key to success, especially in challenging markets, is to focus.  It is far, far better to overallocate resources to fewer opportunities than it is to underallocate resources to many.  Don't ever lose sight of what is most important - and ensure that you overallocate your resources - time, money and energy - to that.

What to exponentialize the results?  Have every single person in your company answer the same question and post the answers in a central location - or company wiki.

If you like the benefit of public accountability, share your most important success in the comments section.  Mine?  Next four new enterprise clients.

Topics: B2B Sales Strategy