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The Challenge of Different & Good

by Doug Davidoff | Jul 10, 2012 7:50:00 AM

I love simple graphics that tell big stories.  As I was reviewing some of my article archives, I came across this graphic from Marty Neumeier on The Dynamics of Different and Good.  It's about as simple and insightful as you can get.

I often remind small and mid-market business executives that being different should never be the goal, instead, it's different and better Yet, as this graphic explains, achieving the goal is the beginning of the journey - it's not the end!  When you achieve "difference" going to market becomes difficult.  The market resists because it's not used to it, and as a result your sales and marketing strategy must educate and influence your market.  (For a deeper dive into this subject, watch my 25 minute video on the subject.)


What equally interesting and critical is the failure to achieve this goal results in the appearance of an easier path to the market.  The market (and those whose opinions you seek before going to the market) respond more positively to what they're familiar with.  The challenge is that there's little to no growth on that path, and lots of price pressure.

Market resistance is a part of the game.  Don't avoid it, embrace it.