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Shortening Your Sales Cycle

by Doug Davidoff | May 21, 2012 12:04:00 PM

There is still time to register for Wednesday's webinar, The 7 Steps to Shortening The Sales Cycle.  I know that I just shared this a couple of weeks ago, and I apologize for the redundancy.  I just put the finishing touches on the presentation today, and I can't remember the last time I was this excited to share insights.

In 60 minutes (or less), I'll be sharing:

    • Critical research that highlights what it is the customer really wants from selling organizations (and it may very well surprise you)
    • The reason sales cycles are getting longer and longer, and how selling organizations are often contributing to the problem without even realizing it
    • Of course, I'll share the seven steps.

The steps can literally serve as the manual for building our your sales and marketing approach to drive faster sales, more sales and more profit per sale.

We'll be recording the webinar and so that all registrants will be able to watch the webinar on demand.

I hope to "see" you there - you don't want to miss it.