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Episode 19: Overcoming Objections

      Let's jump into the classics today by answering the question, how can I better handle objections? After addressing the myths of objections, we discuss:  Why objections are bad The 6 underlying causes of objections And how to group the 6 causes so you can be equipped to solve them

Episode 18: What's Wrong With This Situation?

      There's a very important mindset when managing sales opportunities. That mindset is -- what's...

Episode 17: The Best Mindset To Generate New Opportunities

      Always Assume Health is the mindset you should be in when approaching new opportunities. And...

Episode 16: Succeeding in Scary Times - Taming Burnout

    Things can start to feel heavier when there's more uncertainty. You may be feeling like you're...

Episode 15: Succeeding in Scary Times - The Psychology of Scary Times

    During uncertainty, people think differently and we have to understand how they are thinking...