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The RevOps Show

Go on an adventure every week with Doug and Jess as they work through common scenarios and issues companies are facing today with Revenue Operations.

Episode 4: Defining the RevOps Role

Welcome back to the RevOps Show! Jess wants to talk about creating a RevOps role within your organization. Doug believes you should just hire us. But that wouldn’t make for a good podcast episode now would it. In all seriousness, as RevOps has become increasingly popular, more organizations are looking to create an actual role for RevOps. What does that look like? Listen to the episode to find out!

Episode 3: KPIs Part 2 - 4 Common Scenarios & Where to Start

Last episode we ran out of time for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) scenarios. Today we’re back...

Episode 2: KPIs Part 1 - The What, When, Where & Why of Key Performance Indicators

Buckle in for this episode because we’re touching on a couple questions we deal with all the time...

Episode 1: The Truth About Sales Quotas

Hello and welcome to the first episode of The RevOps Show! Revenue Operations is invigorating and...