Once Doesn't Cut It

Posted by Doug Davidoff

Jun 2, 2011 6:45:00 AM

    • Hey, let send out a email blast.
    • Let's host a webinar.
    • Why don't we open a Twitter account?

All three tactics work - they just don't work as one-offs.

The new world of communication provides tremendous opportunities for small and mid-market companies to connect, engage and influence.  It can be the great marketing equalizer; allowing SME's to share their knowledge and demonstrate their capabilities - toe to toe with larger companies.  For me personally, it has been instrumental to allowing Imagine to grow, creating millions of dollars of documented benefit for me.

That said, it only works as part of a coordinated effort.  The value of a single blog post, article, newsletter or webinar is virtually nil.  The value of each increases as the number increases.  It creates a network effect.

The goal is to:

    1. Connect
    2. Engage
    3. Influence
Get rid of the campaign mindset.  Sending out one email won't make selling easier.  Hosting your first webinar won't fill your funnel.  Letting people know you're at booth 132 won't make the trade show successful.

Doing all of them - constantly and consistently - will allow people to understand:

    • Who you are.
    • What you do.
    • What you matter.

Send out that email.  Host that webinar.  Just don't lose excitement if the first one (or five) don't live up to your expectations.


Topics: B2B Sales Strategy