Lead Generation for Small & Mid-Market B2B Businesses

Posted by Doug Davidoff

Mar 25, 2010 10:06:03 AM


Unlock The CodeLead Generation for Small & Mid-Market

B2B Companies


The 5 Critical Actions That Will Increase
The Number of Real Selling Opportunities

Thursday: April 8, 2010

2:00 PM EDT


To win in business today, you must overcome The Drought:

    • Fewer buyers with lower budgets

    • More choices, with better, more aggressive competition

    • Buyers have less time and are willing to give you less attention

Today's business environment requires every company, and especially small and mid-market B2B companies, to accomplish significantly more from their sales and marketing efforts with less.

The question is simple:


How Do You Profitably Accelerate Growth In Tighter, More Competitive Markets?

In the third installment of The Demand Creator Webinar Series, we will focus on the first three steps of The New Marketing Funnel:

    • Lead Generation - Increasing the number of qualified prospects that are aware of you and and your value proposition.

    • Lead Cultivation - Pulling those qualified prospects "into your orbit" and positioning your proposition as the ideal fit.

    • Lead Conversion - Increasing the number of qualified prospects who enter your sales cycle with a high pre-disposition to buy from you - at premium margins.

The vast majority of lead generation tactics are not only ineffective, they actually encourage prospects to shop and to be price sensitive.  Additionally, more profitable business opportunities are lost because lead generation techniques push too hard and actually send buyers online and cause procurement departments to seize control of the buying process.  If you want to create demand, avoid procurement, and eliminate competition, you do not want to miss this webinar.
For just $99, you'll learn:

    • The 5 Critical Actions to Effective B2B Lead Generation and Conversion

    • How to create a perpetual lead generation machine

    • How to utilize lead generation tactics to increase referrals

    • How to stop pushing your solutions, and instead become the provider of choice

    • 3 ideas to fill your pipeline


    • We'll answer all of you questions.

In today's hyper-competitive drought, can you afford anything but the best selling approach to drive your profitable growth?

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