Has Your Sales Team Made These Adjustments?

Posted by Doug Davidoff

Sep 22, 2011 3:20:00 AM

The news today is dominated by the challenges and tribulations of our economy. Slow growth, debt ceiling debate, record unemployment, consumers slashing spending and so on. Then you read this headline:

What can small and mid-market B2B companies learn from this? It's easy to dismiss Apple's success to the fact that they're, well, Apple. That would be a mistake. While CEO after CEO has used the recession as an excuse for failed initiatives, Apple just grows.

While the headlines are all about the problems and pitfalls of the economy; quietly, select small and mid-market companies continue to grow, exploit their competitive advantage and drive increased profits and company equity value.

Make The Adjustment

I want to share five critical adjustments that the best small, mid-market B2B sales organizations are making to bypass the economy, take control of their destiny and shorten the sales cycle.

I don't know about y ou, but I've gotten sick and tired of the confusion, frustration and wasted effort inherent in the sales process. As a salesperson and business owner, I simply got tired of living on "the treadmill of life." Every day I felt like I needed to run faster and faster, just to keep up.

What's exciting is I've learned how to get off that treadmill. How to make the reward I and my company received greater than the sales efforts I put forth.

In this article, I'm going to share with you five, extraordinarily simple actions you can take immediately that will begin to get your company off that treadmill. By embracing these simple secrets will allow you to get off the treadmill, bypass the recession and see your sale and profits grow.

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