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Posted by Doug Davidoff

Apr 8, 2010 8:06:09 AM

Wow!  It's hard to believe that we're already into the second quarter.  The first quarter was crazy at Imagine.  It's exciting to see companies and executives putting growth and expanding their margins back at the top of their agendas.  While there are certainly struggles and challenges that lie ahead, more of you are realizing the wise words I learned long ago (sorry I can't remember from whom).

The future holds opportunity, mixed with difficulty.  The greater the difficulty, the greater the opportunity.

Imagine Business Development is growing to support companies in these efforts.  I'm excited to tell you about two people who've saddled up in the battle to End Bad Selling!

David Fletcher has joined us a our newest Sales Coach.  Fletch has worked in the sales and marketing field for over 15 years, doing everything from field sales to executive management.  Like everyone at Imagine, he's worked in a variety of fields such as software, technology, and commercial and residential construction.  He's also worked quite a bit in sports management.  A former professional baseball player, Fletch is the Assistant Head Coach for Anne Arundel Community College and the Head Coach for the 11U Maryland Orioles where his oldest son, Connor, plays (you can guess which team he is more proud of).

Anyone who's played baseball will quickly realize that Fletch played catcher and has a catcher's mindset.  He's got a tremendous ability to size up a situation and see the most effective action to take.  His coaching (and playing) background mixed with his sales experience makes him perfect for providing leadership, guidance, and a sounding board to help the salespeople we work with multiply their best results.  Fletch lives in Pasadena, MD with his wife and four sons - the aforementioned Connor as well as Max, Jacob, and Jackson.  Fletch is new to social media, so we're still working on getting him on Twitter.

Vaneska Adams joins Imagine in the newly created position of Marketing Development Director.  Vaneska has been charged increasing the spread of Imagine's message, approach, and programs, as well as supporting our clients in the development and execution of our their marketing efforts.  She brings a fresh marketing perspective to us, having spent several years working with direct marketing and consumer brands.  She's worked with (and within) small and large companies (and small companies that became large).  Having grown up with parents who started their own business, Vaneska understands the unique challenges and opportunities of running a business provides.  Vaneska lives in Crofton, MD with her husband and three children.  When she's not helping companies communicate their message more effectively, you'll find her watching her kids play, painting, or cycling.

Feel free to send them an email, give them a shout out and otherwise engage with them.  Please know that we are all here committed to helping you make 2010 and beyond the best years ever!

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