Freedom & Capability

Posted by Doug Davidoff

Aug 25, 2010 3:22:31 AM

I first learned of this concept from Dan Sullivan and The Strategic Coach.  They taught it as a way for entrepreneurs to look at their business, and I’ve since applied it to how salespeople can position their products and services.

I have a question for you – does your product or service represent either:

    • A freedom for your customer, and/or

    • A capability for them?

Stop and answer these questions:

    1. What are my customers currently doing that my product or service frees them from doing?  What impact would that have on my customer’s business/life?

    1. What does my product or service enable my customer to do that they are not capable of doing now?  What impact would that have my customer?

The value of your offerings is limited to your ability to clearly answer these questions.  When you clearly understand these answers, you can guide the conversation to clearly articulate just what you’re worth.

Topics: B2B Sales Strategy