Fast Growth Insights

Posted by Doug Davidoff

Sep 23, 2011 6:25:00 AM

I'm excited to share a new initiative with you.  Starting Monday, September 26, we will be introducing Your Weekly Fast Growth Tips for those looking for insights to fast growth.  While, we can't give you a roadmap to fast business growth success - we can provide some markers.

Our weekly tips complement this blog, and in no way replace it.  The insights we share there will be different than the content you'll get on this blog.  With Weekly Tips we'll be focusing on specific areas that are important to your go-to-market efforts.  Typically, we'll spend 6 - 8 weeks on a subject.  Here are some of the areas we'll be focusing on:

    • Successful Lead Generation
    • Making Marketing Work
    • Shortening The Sales Cycle
    • Building Effective Sales Processes
    • Building a High Performing, Quota Busting Sales Team
    • And much more...

Every week, you'll get a short (100- 200 words) insight to making your efforts more effective.

If you'd like to get your weekly tip, just click here.


Topics: B2B Sales Strategy