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Developing A Compelling Brand Promise Teleconference

by Doug Davidoff | Dec 13, 2006 11:31:18 AM

The key to building a great pipeline is great messaging. The foundation of a great message is in your Brand Promise. Simply put, your Brand Promise tells a prospect or customer how they will be better off if they work with you.

Your prospects and customers are bombarded daily with information. To break through, you must be compelling. To be compelling, you must have an excellent messaging strategy. Your Brand Promise is the foundation of all your messaging including your Elevator Speech.

On Thursday, December 21, 2007, I will be hosting a special briefing on how to create a compelling Brand Promise and Elevator Speech. This program will not be your typical, platitude-filled presentation. It will be an intense work session where I will personally help you build your Brand Promise and Elevator Speech. To learn more about a Brand Promise, click here and read the 'Determining your one thing for growth' series. 

Beat Your 2007 Sales Goal

Consider this:

    • Competition is greater than ever.

    • Getting prospect’s attention is more difficult than ever.

    • Prospects have less time than ever.

How can you be heard?

You need a clear, compelling Brand Promise. If you want to know how powerful a carefully developed Brand Promise can be, here’s an example:

When it absolutely positively has to be there overnight.

This is one of the most powerful brand promises in history. It not only launched a business, but an entire industry.

On December 21st, Doug Davidoff, the founder and CEO of Imagine Business Development will be hosting a 75-minute presentation on The Keys to Building an Effective Brand Promise. For only $99, you will learn:

    • How to build a compelling Brand Promise

    • How to communicate what you do in less than 15 seconds using only three sentences

    • The Power of an Elevator Speech.

    • The three types of Elevator Speeches.

    • How to develop your Elevator Speech.

We are hosting this program on December 21st so that you can get a fast start on reaching your sales goal for 2007. Participation will be limited to 50 people.

The program includes a workbook that will enable you to develop and articulate your Brand Promise quickly and effectively. This workbook will be e-mailed to you when you register.

Register now and take away one of your biggest barriers to success in 2007.