Creating Your Unfair Competitive Advantage

Posted by Doug Davidoff

Mar 7, 2013 3:16:00 AM

Next month I'll be presenting a webinar that I more excited about that anything I've done before.  It focuses on how to turn the tables and create a structural advantage for you and your business.

For years your business had the wind at its back, and you didn’t need an unfair advantage to grow successfully. In 2013, as we continue to recover from the “Great Recession,” ask yourself:

Is our sales approach creating an unfair advantage for us, allowing us to:

  • Close more business,
  • Close it faster with less effort,
  • Increase our margins, and
  • Drive our profitability and business value?

If you’re answer is yes to all of the above, then by all means keep doing what you’re doing (and why are you wasting your time reading this page). However, if your sales approach is not creating an unfair advantage, you won’t want to miss our next webinar.

Join us on April 3rd, from 2 – 3 pm EDT as Doug Davidoff, Founder & CEO of Imagine Business Development, shares key insights on Designing Your Sales Approach to Create Your Unfair Advantage

This program is ideal for CEOs, Presidents, sales team leaders, and top salespeople looking to breakthrough the barriers that are holding them back. We’ll share the secrets that sales and marketing consultants don’t want you to know like:

  • The lies about sales and marketing that are throwing your business into the heart of the commoditization trap.
  • How the traditional approach to hiring salespeople is killing your profits.
  • Why your definition of marketing is cutting your sales and profit potential by as much as 50%.

More importantly, we’ll dispel the myths and share the path and plan that is enabling $1 - $100 million companies in more than 25 industries to transform their sales approach into their unfair advantage. Enabling them to build the system that makes sales growth:

  • Simple,
  • Scalable,
  • Predictable,
  • Sustainable, and
  • Effortless 


Plus, we provide time for an open question and answer period so that you can get on the path to creating your unfair competitive advantage.