But, I Like It

Posted by Doug Davidoff

Sep 22, 2008 8:43:21 AM

Early in my career, I made the fundamental mistake of creating a marketing brochure that I chose because I liked it. The reason this was a mistake was because my target client was very different than me (if for no other reason than I was 22, and they were in the upper 40s).

I’m reminded of this time and time again when working with my clients. Constantly I hear “I like it” or “I don’t like it.” The challenges with using “like” as a filter is that: a) it’s a purely emotional distinction, and b) your objective in marketing should not be to create something that is liked. Rather, your goal should be to create something that is effective.

Your best (and often, only) competitive advantage is understanding your desired buyers better than they understand themselves. The job of your sales and marketing efforts is to demonstrate that understanding. That’s why the only “glasses” that should be worn and the only opinions that should be discussed, when discussing your business development efforts, are your customers.

Topics: B2B Sales Strategy, Sales Training/Coaching