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5 Essential Components of a High Sales Growth Tech Stack

Posted by Ellen Welker

Dec 7, 2017 4:00:13 PM

tech-stack.jpgThe game is getting real folks. Every day it seems a new challenge is emerging that makes the traditional growth playbook ineffective. Several weeks ago I shared the results of a deep analysis we completed that focuses on how the very best growth companies build their demand generation program. In The Five Levels of Demand Generation, one of our central observations was the growing role of technology. While companies at all levels are using more technology, the difference between the best and the average was in how they used, integrated and aligned technology in their approach to growth.

Recent research from CEB highlights that companies are spending, on average, almost $5,000 per sales rep more on technology today than they did two years ago. Despite that investment, the results companies are seeing decreases in the results they're seeking. This frustrating conundrum is a great description of where growth-focused companies find themselves when managing the technology landscape.

Sales and marketing technology is no longer optional. Today, it's a ticket to play in the game. As we regularly advise our clients, technology will never be the reason your sales growth strategy succeeds, but it will increasingly be a reason that it fails. Three years ago I would regularly ask, "Is the issue we're trying to solve a people problem or a process problem?" Today, the dominant question is, "Is this a people, process or technology problem?"  

It is for this reason that you must pay attention to the technology you're using and how you're using it, and regularly consider how you can or should use technology in the future. "The Tech Stack" is a term and conversation that needs ongoing attention to ensure a strong competitive foundation.

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7 Ways to Optimize Your B2B Thank-You Pages

Posted by Ellen Welker

Jul 29, 2016 2:00:00 PM

7 Ways to Optimize Your B2B Thank You PagesHooray! Visitors are coming to your site and converting! They are willingly filling out your forms to get the content you are offering. Congratulations on a job well done. But wait...isn’t that just step one?

What comes next is another opportunity to provide valuable information to your new contact. It’s up to you whether or not you capitalize on that opportunity or let it pass you by like many B2B companies do.

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Top 10 Mistakes Made on B2B Websites

Posted by Ellen Welker

Jun 3, 2016 3:00:00 PM


b2b-website-mistakes.jpgYour website is your single, most important marketing tool. It should be viewed as central to all of your activities relating to acquiring new customers, selling to existing customers, improving loyalty and managing customer engagement.

Like it or not, the first thing anyone you want to communicate with or influence does when they have a question, concern or stimulus is to go online. If your website doesn’t serve their needs, they will go elsewhere.

A strong website makes everything you do easier and more powerful, while an ineffective website puts a drag on everything you do and diminishes the proposition you want to present to the market.

A common and destructive mistake made by many businesses with their website is they focus on the wrong keys and drivers of success. Too often they look to build a site they “like” or that looks really good. While we’re big fans of design at Imagine, the number one key to an effective B2B website is to solve for the user; and not the tastes of the creator.

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10 Social Media Tactics to Drive Engagement

Posted by Ellen Welker

Feb 2, 2016 1:00:00 PM

SocialMediaEngagement.jpgSocial media is just that. Social! It’s a great channel to introduce yourself, your product or your service to someone. Before social media, attracting visitors to your website was very challenging. The use of social media has created a worldwide network of engagement. With it, you’re able to attract people with your message, introduce them to your company and nurture them through their buyer’s journey. Social media can also be used to keep in contact and engage with current customers.

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4 Insights to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

Posted by Ellen Welker

Jan 6, 2016 3:30:00 PM

4 Insights to Increase Landing Page Conversion RatesIt’s a small victory when a visitor comes across your site and navigates to a landing page. What makes it a big win? With all the hard work you’ve done to get that visitor to your site, when they continue along a conversion path to fill out your form and become a lead…well, that’s worth celebrating!

When that visitor turns out to be one of your buyer personas in the midst of their buyer’s journey, that’s even better. Of course, part of the journey includes entering the top of your funnel by following the lead conversion path you’ve designed for them. A lead conversion path is made up of 6 elements:

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