luckyorangeWhen we talk with clients and prospects, we regularly point out that one of the biggest changes in the last decade is that your website has gone from augmenting your sales team to one where your sales team is augmenting your website. Regardless of what you sell, your website is (at least) the lobby to your store/office and exerts significant influence on how prospects and customers view you. 

A strong web strategy includes a plan for how you’d like visitors to progress through their journeys - both their buying journey and the journey of their website visit. Understanding what people are doing and how they’re behaving on your website is an important datapoint for utilizing your website effectively.

This is where Lucky Orange fits in our tech stack. The ability to observe what your website visitors are doing on your website down to the mouse-stroke, scroll, or click provides you with the information you need to make your website actionable. These types of insights not only help you better understand and improve your user experience, they also can provide you with information about what your website users find important and how they digest information. 

With these insights, we are able to better optimize visitor conversion/journey paths. If you’re trying to do digital marketing effectively, you must have a website heatmapping tool. 

Lucky Orange: Conversion Rate Optimization App

While generating website heatmaps and recording are the core for Lucky Orange, they also provide an additional array of features including:

  • Site-Page Heatmaps with data on scrolling, mouse movement, and clicks: What parts of your pages do your users see and care about?
  • User Session recordings: Observe your site’s user experience in the real world.
  • Live Visitor Monitoring: Watch users explore your site in real time
  • Chat: Reach out to users on your website.
  • Surveys & Polls: Gather input from your customers on their experience on your website.
  • Form Analytics: Gather powerful information on your website’s form experience, find out where your users get stuck or put off when filling out a form.
  • Behavior Tagging: Immediately tag users with a custom tag and their session recordings based on page URLs they visit on your site.
  • Realtime Alerts: Get notified when a user receives a certain Behavior Tag.
  • Email Reports: Daily and/or weekly breakdowns of Lucky Orange analytics sent to your email inbox.
  • Integrations: Integrate Lucky Orange with HubSpot, Google Analytics, and/or Adobe DTM

What We Like About It

Imagine you’re looking over the shoulder of a visitor as they were visiting your website. Other than the possible creepiness of the situation, the information you’d be able to gather would be quite valuable. This is what Lucky Orange’s “Recordings” feature has to offer.