Are You Excited?!

Posted by Doug Davidoff

May 25, 2010 3:29:29 PM

On the advice of a client, I've started reading Peter Schutz's The Driving Force: Getting Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People. Schutz was the CEO responsible for turning Porsche around.

I've just started reading the book and wanted to share one of the most powerful management questions I've come across in years. Schutz tells the story of his early days at Porsche. Every Monday, 40 top managers of all disciplines get together for lunch. Schutz found the conversations taking place there to be both boring and mundane. Unable to stop himself, he blurted out:

Tell me, what is happening at Porsche today that is so exciting that you can hardly wait to run and tell our customers and dealers about it?

What a powerful question! What are you excited about?

Topics: Performance