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A (Very) Brief Thought on the Election

by Doug Davidoff | Nov 3, 2010 6:08:39 AM

The thing I love about America is that every day, approximately 300 million people wake up in the morning and pursue their personal agenda to make their life and the lives of their family better.  They do so with no grand plan and a tremendous amount of freedom.  It is awesome (it the purest sense of the word) what happens when the creativity of 300 million people is unleashed.  This phenomena is at the core of what makes America such an innovation leader.

The news today is filled with analysis of what yesterday's election means.  While many of the issues are important (and, of course, many of the issues are just silly), my feeling is that today isn't much different than yesterday, and it won't be a much different that it will be in January with the new congress.

I've always loved owning a business and, before that, just being a salesperson because I control my destiny.  Congress and the President can do what they do, and I still have control.  Sure, some of their policies help and some hurt.  But the impact they have on me pales in comparison to:

  • Having a well thought strategy.

  • Developing an effective selling proposition.

  • Building an effective sales process.

  • Developing and leading a great team.

  • Becoming indispensable to my customers.

So, whether you're happy with the election results or upset - keep your focus where it belongs.  Keep your eye on the prize and soon, we'll all be talking about how good things are again.

What can you do to create a bigger and better future?