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7 Steps to Shortening Your Sales Cycle

by Doug Davidoff | May 8, 2012 1:10:00 PM
The trends are not good when judging the effectiveness of small and mid-market B2B sales efforts.  


  • According to recent purchasing surveys, as many as 40% of organizational buying processes are ending in a "no decision."
  • A recent research project done by the Wall Street Journal demonstrated that on 37% of salespeople were actually effective, and a comprehensive research project done by The Sales Research Council shows number worse than that.
  • Margin and pricing pressure continues to mount on businesses, even as we emerge from deep recession.
  • Finding good salespeople is tougher than ever.
Most companies continue to struggle to find a successful growth formula that will work in the short-, mid-, and long-term.  There are, however, a few businesses that have transformed the challenges before them into a significant advantage over their competition.  They've developed new ways to shorten the sales cycle, bypass competition and grow margins. These companies understand that their sales process is the most powerful leverage point available to their business.  Companies that are able to materially shorten the sales cycle enjoy huge advantages over their competitors.


  • They need less money or capital to grow.
  • They are able to capture more revenue without adding people.
  • They enjoy a significant cost advantage.
  • They’re margins and profits are substantially higher.
Shortening the sales cycle should be a key objective for every growing company.  Yet, only about 5 – 10% of small and mid-market B2B companies are able to do so consistently. Make sure you're one of them! Join us on May 23rd at 2pm EDT, as we share the secrets to shortening your sales cycle in our latest webinar.


7 Steps to Shortening Your Sales Cycle May 23, 2012 2pm EDT