The Obvious Problems

Posted by Doug Davidoff

Apr 19, 2010 7:37:44 AM

The key to creating demand, as I've written often, is to solve the problems that people don't know they have.  I've come to realize that many people mistakenly believe that that means solving problems so far beneath the surface that it would take the proverbial team of archeologists to uncover.

Certainly, there are times when that type of expertise may be needed.  Far more often, however, the problems "that people don't know they have," are the ones staring them in the face.  They're the obvious problem, and it's your outsider's viewpoint combined with your expertise that is able to highlight  and solve them.  More than 80% of the time, this is what creating  demand is all about.

I was struck, this weekend, by Dyson's new commercial (I've embedded a slightly older one below) where James Dyson explains the evolution of his vacuum cleaners and closes by stating Dyson's mission:  To solve the obvious problems others ignore.  Now, that sounds like the basis for a sustainably profitable and fast-growth business.

Topics: Demand Generation