Sustaining Growth In Devastating Markets

Posted by Doug Davidoff

Dec 2, 2008 3:22:53 AM

Well, it's official - 2008 is a recession (of course, the announcement is kind of like historians telling us that they've determined that WWII ended in 1945).  As I've written before, recessions make it more important that ever to have a growth agenda.  When markets are good, mistakes are forgiven.  In today's market, mistakes are disproportionately punished.  The good news is that you can gain a distinct, and lasting, advantage if you do the right things.

Three weeks ago, we conducted a webinar Sustaining Growing In Devastating Markets that shared:

  • The difference between Demand Creation and demand fulfillment - and why Demand Creation is the only viable strategy going forward.

  • The 5 Unbreakable Rules for Creating Demand

  • The 7 Critical Actions to take NOW to ensure your growth

Here's the beginning of the webinar.  If you'd like learn more about growing in difficult markets, simply click here and we'll forward the URL for the remainder of the program.

Part 1:

Topics: Performance, B2B Sales Strategy, Demand Generation