Make It Simple & Strong

Posted by Doug Davidoff

Nov 4, 2008 12:13:55 PM

Today is Election Day.  A tribute to the principles of America and to the modern-day marketing machine.  Bill Clinton has said that it's better to be simple and wrong than weak and right.  We've adjusted Clinton's Law to - It's better to be Simple, Strong and Wrong than to be Nuanced, Weak and Right.  By the way Nuanced and Weak go hand-in-hand (though Simple and Strong don't always).  That said, it is of course best to be Simple, Strong and Right.

Anyway, the election got me thinking about my early Social Studies and Civics classes.  I mentioned to Beth, my managing director, that I learned (and certainly remembered more) from the Schoolhouse Rock than I did from classes.  It occurred to me how effective Schoolhouse Rock was.  It was Simple and Strong and it taught young boys and girls very complex subjects.  Now, I'm sure that Schoolhouse Rock offended constitutional scholars because it was far to simple.  The important thing to remember is it was effective.  Check this out:

Now ask yourself - How would your story play on Saturday morning, during cartoons in The Schoolhouse Rock?

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